Wright Tool 9H65 Retaining Ring Plier with Ratchet Lock

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Product Description

Wright Tool 9H65 Retaining Ring Pliers features a ratchet lock. Each snap ring pliers replaces a large number of limited-use competing tools at a fraction of the cost. Patented broached jaw holes (6 or 12 point) for holding replaceable tips. Quick and easy conversion to and from such use without disassembly. This pliers is high quality and cost effective. Unprecedented accuracy, stability and control of retaining rings by including positive tip alignment and tip adjustment. Automatically keeps internal rings contracted and external rings expanded for easy installation and removal. This pliers fits internal and external type retaining rings. Tips colors and sizes includes black .090, silver .108 and copper .120. The internal is 1 3/16 to 4 Inch and the external is 1 1/2 to 4 Inch.


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