Wooden Handle for Files and Tools 4-inch : ( Pack of 2 Pcs. )(FH300~F-24400-Z02-D01)

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Product Description

This 3 inches long wooden handle is just the thing you need when you use files without handles. Placing this handle on the end is much easier on the hand and helps you keep a better grip. You will enjoy countless hours of use with this smooth finished wooden handle. 3 inches long overall with a metal fitting on the top to fit many tools and files Solid wood is finished to prevent splintering and give a smooth, comfortable grip Ergonomic design helps give a comfortable and non-slip grip – accurate results every time Fits most metal files with ease – add length, precision, and comfort to your work Great for rasps, files, screwdrivers, large bits, woodworking, machinists, hobby and more


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