Westcott Center Jaw Vise Grip

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Product Description

For secure mounting of nearly any light source or modifier, the heavy-duty Westcott Center Jaw Vise Grip is a must-have accessory for any filmmaker or photographer. With a custom-designed center jaw that features both a flat and a convex surface, this grip can quickly mount studio lights, scrims, light modifiers, and more. This unique 2.5-inch center jaw is lined with ultra-durable grip pads for added security. This Center Jaw Vise Grip is also designed with an 8.5-inch threaded steel shaft. This length allows for easy placement in grip heads and clamps for mounting to light stands and C-stands. This long shaft also gives photographers and filmmakers the ability to mount large or wide equipment with ease. This accessory is a perfect mounting solution for Scrim Jim Cine and Flex LED mat users.Features: Securely mount photo and video equipmentHeavy-duty design2.5-inch center jawDurable grip pads8.5-inch steel shaftEssential mounting addition for any gear bag, case, studio, or set


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