Visegrip Irwin GV6 Groovelock Waterpump Pliers 150mm ProTouch Handle 10507626

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Product Description

The IRWIN Vise-Grip GrooveLock pliers are designed with twice the groove positions of traditional groove joint pliers to deliver optimal hand and jaw positioning, providing a superior grip. The all-purpose jaw grips onto flat, round, hexagon and square workpieces to provide tremendous grip. The quick adjusting Press-n-Slide button quickly adjusts the lower jaw. The GrooveLock ProTouch series have grips which are designed for comfort and provide less hand fatigue. AntiPinch prevents the handles from pinching.The IRWIN VIS10507626 Groovelock Waterpump Pliers 150mm (6 inch) ProTouch Handle have the following specifications:Jaw capacity: 29mm.Groove positions: 11.Length: 150mm.


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