Visegrip Irwin 6LN Fast Release Long Nose Locking Plier 150mm (6 in)

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Product Description

Size:150mm (6in) The IRWIN Vise-Grip Fast Release™ long nose locking pliers with built in wire cutter. They have a long tapered nose are perfect for delicate work, hobbies, tight spaces, electronics and clamping of small parts. Have a self-energising lower jaw that allows for three times more gripping power and last twice as long. Made from a high grade alloy steel is heat treated for maximum durability. The ProTouch™ grips provide more control, comfort and less hand fatigue. A hex key adjusting screw tightens to draw materials closer together and also provides controlled release. Features a built in wire cutter. 6LN: Length: 150mm, Capacity 51mm.9LN: Length: 225mm, Capacity 70mm.The IRWIN Vise-grip VIST14T 6LN Fast Release Long Nose Locking Pliers have the following specifications:Length: 150mm (6 inch). Capacity 51mm.


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