Stalwart 75-HT3007 Locking Plier Set with Storage Pouch, 3 Piece

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Product Description

This Stalwart 3 Piece Locking Plier Set has curved jaws to assist in a secure grip on whatever item you’re working. The tools all feature an adjustable locking jaw design that makes it easy to grip any object you wish to clamp, turn, or hold. Use the screw-assisted handle to widen or narrow the jaws then close the locking handle for a solid grip. Easy release arm built into the handle makes unlocking a cinch. All tools are drop forged and heat treated steel with precision-machined jaws. Nickel finish provides durability and protection from abrasion and corrosion. Set includes 10 inch, 7 inch and 5 inch Locking pliers. Includes: 10 inch Locking Plier w/2.0 Inch Jaw Capacity, 7 inch Locking Plier w/1.5 Inch Jaw Capacity, 5 inch Locking Plier w/1.0 Inch Jaw Capacity.


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