SE Tools 860L-45 45-Degree Mobea Constant Tension Hose Clamp Plier

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Product Description

The SE Tools 860L-45 45-Degree Mobea, Constant Tension Hose Clamp Plier has jaws that are bent at a 45-Degree angle to aid in positioning hard-to-reach clamps. The jaws are also designed with deep slots that swivel through 360-Degree. These pliers are also equipped with a finger-tip locking pawl and a heavy duty steel frame. The Shaw Family has an 80-year tradition of manufacturing quality specialty mechanics’ hand tools in Michigan. You will see from the online catalog that they manufacture a variety of non-powered mechanics’ hand tools. They offer tools that repair, inspect and reach and retrieve. They manufacture hand tools for the automotive, security and aerospace industries. They have been operating as a private-brand manufacturer for many customers in Europe, Canada and the USA. They also sell their tools with the ‘Made in USA’ brand to their other customers. Customizing their tools to meet your specific needs is a capability we are proud to promote. They are interested in broadening their business base and making new friends in many new countries.


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