SARGENT Tools 1026 6-1/2′ Side Cutting Pliers

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Product Description

The side cutting plier, is an all around tool for the industry. The tool is open throated to allow passage of long wire pulling operations. A compound cutter provides clean, sharp cuts. Serrated jaws are manufactured from tough high carbon steel and are heat treated, and nickel plated. 6 1/2′ also available with spring loaded jaws in the open position. Rostra Tool Company, the manufacturer of SARGENT brand tools, is a US-based company that specializes in designing rugged hand tools for electrical and plumbing trade professional use. We are proud of our heritage and reputation as a quality tool supplier. We specialize in constantly improving designs and introducing new, innovative hand tools based on our customers’ and engineers’ extensive trade knowledge. As plumbing, electrical and manufacturing systems and technologies change, so do SARGENT Tools.


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