Ouya H59101 7-Inch Curved Jaw Locking Pliers

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Product Description

Size:7 Inches Features:Jaw Locking Pliers widely used in fastening, cutting, assembling, drilling, and welding.Jaw makes by silicon manganese alloy steel, provides enhanced durability and extended life.Body makes by CR-Mo alloy steel will prevent deformation.Ouya jaw Locking Pliers have more gripping force than regular pliers, it can work on stubborn, slippery, and irregularly shaped parts.About seller:Ouya provides the best tools for industrial companies, professionals, and consumers to make their life easier and successful. We offer high quality and professional products from pneumatic tools, power tools, to hand tools for those who demand the best in affordable price. Specially, Ouya offers custom design for your spray gun, drill, nailer, and so on. Ouya has become a trusted name in tools industry. Our goal has been simple: provide the best tools and solutions that make your life easier.


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