Opticard Wallet Sized Magnifier for Reading 1.50X : ( Pack of 1 Pc )(OPTICARD~OPTICARD-150-D01)

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Product Description

If you’ve ever left home without your reading glasses, you know what a trying experience it can be to get through your day without them. If you carry an opticard in your wallet, no problem! You just hold it up in front of your eyes, or rest it on the bridge of your nose, and you’ll be able to read perfectly all day. You’ll wonder how you ever got along without Opticard! Set of 2 pieces included in strength +3.00 – for far sighted vision Each measures: 3.5 inches X 2 inches, and as thin as a credit card Keep one in your wallet, and one in other convenient location – always have it when you need it Comes with vinyl sleeve to keep them clean Strong, durable plastic construction will last for years to come


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