Mini Capsule Slip Ring 300Rpm 6-way 22mm 2A 360Rotation AWG28 by DHLink

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Product Description

Features:     Rotating contact surface for the gold – gold, precious metal contacts to ensure long working life;     360 ° rotation may be smooth transmission of analog and digital signals compatible with the data bus protocol;     Smooth operation, small size, low torque, low noise;     Compact, wearable and heat-resistant Teflon silver plated wire;     Tight little ball bearing steel to meet the long life;     Application: Electrical test equipment                      Manufacturing and process control equipment                      Indexing tables                      CCTV pan / tilt camera mounts                      Robotics, rotary sensors, urgent illume equipment                      Exhibit / display equipment                      Aviation,military,instrument,medical equipment.                      Mini-type wire-rolling machine                      Closed-circuit control Specifications:     Operating speed:0-300rpm;     Temperature range:-20?-?80?;     Operating humidity:60%RH or higher;     Contact material:precious metal;     Housing material:engineering plastic;     Rated voltage:240V-380V  AC/DC;     Rated current:2A/ring;     Lead Size:AWG28;     Lead length:250mm;     Dielectric strength:500V AC 50HZ;     Insulation Resistance:1000M?/500VDC;     Electrical noise:?10m?. Package includes:     1pcs Mini Capsule Slip Ring


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