Manual Copper Wire Stripping Machine

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The MOST Versatile Manual Wire Stripper Available! Exclusive New Features (US and Foreign Granted and Pending Patents): Add-on adapter adds three great new features–a brand new way to strip wires: — Output Limiter: separate copper from jacket while pulling the wire through the machine, all in one stroke. The separation point won’t reach the blade, which causes the wire to derail from the rollers. You work speed is doubled! — Input Guide: Don’t frown to the tangled and kinked wires anymore! Just let the machine pull the wire from the pile. The wire gets pre-aligned and straightened before reaching the blade. No more derailing due to off-axial dragging. — Blade Sharpening Jig: the original blade has 3 carefully sharpened cutting surfaces at the perfect angles that combine sharpness and durability. However, those angles are quite difficult for many users to restore when the blade gets dull. With this jig, just insert the dull blade in the 3 sets of holes, one at a time, the perfect angles will be precisely presented at the front surface of the jig. Hold the jig at a bench grinder (or grinding stone, Dremel, etc), the blade will be restored like new in seconds. Other Features: Good for wires from 24 AWG to 250 kcm, either solid or stranded. Independently adjustable blade and rollers-smoothly strips wires of ANY shape (Romex, square, parallel, triangle, etc). Clamp-mount on the corner of your bench quickly , or hold with a vise, or bolt down permanently, no extra hardware needed. Dimensions: 9′ x 12-1/4′ x 2′ excluding the blade. One year replacement warranty (Against defects in materials and workmanship, excluding the blade.). It takes a split of a second to install and remove the adapter.


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