Luster Leaf 931 7.5-Foot Link-Ups Obelisk with 4 Embossed Rings, Black

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Product Description

Size:7.5-Foot Product description Obelisk, 7.5′, with 4 embossed rings From the Manufacturer Obelisks were a prominent part of the architecture of the ancient Egyptians. They infatuated the Romans. The obelisk became a staple of -Inchmonument-Inch architecture, with many thousands of examples the world over. This bit of history comes to gardens everywhere with these obelisk-shaped structures. Luster Leaf?s vertical planters bring interest and color to unexpected new heights, in the garden or on the patio. Your patio or deck will look beautiful with this vertical metal obelisk. It features four embossed rings with embellished ring detailing, and can be used directly in garden soil or in a planter.


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