Linesman Plier w/Crimp Die, 9 3/8 In

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Product Information:About the Greenlee 0151-09CD High Leverage Connector Crimping Side Cutting Pliers with Dipped Grip – 9’If you are looking for a pair of connector side cutting pliers that provide a high degree of leverage, then the Greenlee 0151-09CD Connector Crimping Side Cutting Pliers is the right tool for you. This tool features a double-layered, vinyl-dipped grip for added control and comfort, giving you the ability to consistently cut hardened, tough wire, screws, nails, bolts, ACSR and more.In addition, the Greenlee 0151-09CD Side Cutting Pliers has induction hardened and precision machined blades, and it meets ANSI/ASME standards and specifications. This product also comes with a limited lifetime warranty offered directly from the manufacturer. Please note, however, that the Greenlee 0151-09CD is not a tool that is insulated.The Greenlee 0151-09CD Pliers is forged from high-strength, chrome steel for the greatest level of durability and a longer life. This is combined with its riveted design, which allows for smoother, more accurate action.


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