Leviton 99A10-1 OmniTouch 7 Trim Ring, White

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Product Description

The new Omni Touch 7 trim ring is designed to ensure a quick and clean transition from an Omni Touch 5.7 or 5.7e, to the new Omni Touch 7. The Omni Touch 5.7 and Omni Touch 5.7e were square (4:3 ratio) in nature. To gain screen real estate and provide a more modern interface, the Omni Touch 7 features a widescreen format. When retrofitting to the new screen, a small horizontal gap is exposed. The low-profile Omni touch 7 Trim Ring ensures that any gap in the sheetrock/drywall is covered and color-matches the Touchscreen. To install, simply cut the sheetrock hole as necessary and place the trim ring in between the mounting bracket and the Touchscreen.


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