Kreg PRS3050 Twist-Loc Ring Set, 5-Piece

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Product Description

The new 5-piece set of Level-Loc Reducing Rings gives more options for customers who have the Kreg Precision Router Table Insert Plate (#PRS3034, #PRS3036, #PRS3038 ), a Kreg router table equipped with one of those plates, or the Kreg Precision Router Table Lift (#PRS3000). The set includes rings with 3?4′, 13?8′, 15?8′ and 21?8′ openings, plus one ‘Blank’ ring that customers can use to create their own custom-sized or zero clearance ring. The set comes also comes with a molded storage tray with slots to hold all five Level-Loc Reducing Rings and it has slots for the three rings that come with the Precision Router Table Insert Plate or Precision Router Table Lift. Each slot is marked with the opening size, making it easy to keep the rings organized.


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