Knipex Chrome Ergo Handle ‘Dolphin’ Plier

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Product Description

high bending strength of the pliers jaws/tips Gripping surfaces cross-hatched, knurled Vanadium electric steel; forged, oil-hardened MultiGrip Plastic Grips Article No. mmStylePliersHeadHandlesDimensions (mm) gL3W3T1W4T238 11 2002001black atramentizedpolishedplastic coated73. 15 2002001chrome platedwith multi-component grips73. 21 2002002black atramentizedpolishedplastic coated73. 25 2002002chrome platedwith multi-component grips73. 31 2002003black atramentizedpolishedplastic coated73. 35 2002003chrome platedwith multi-component grips73. 41 1901904black atramentizedpolishedplastic coated50. 45 1901904chrome platedwith multi-component grips50. 71 2002007black atramentizedpolishedplastic coated73. 91 2002009black atramentizedpolishedplastic coated73. 95 2002009chrome platedwith multi-component grips73.


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