Knipex 9518200SBA 8-Inch Cable Shears – 1,000 Volt

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Product Description

Product description Insulated Comfort Grip Two-Color Dual Component Handles are 1000 Volt VDE-TestedPrecision Ground Hardened Blades Suitable for Cutting Copper and Aluminum Cables Single and Multiple WiresNot Suitable for Steel Wire and Hard Drawn Copper ConductorsAdjustable Screw Joint Self LockingClean and Smooth Cut Without Crushing and Deformation From the Manufacturer The insulated cable shears have twin cutting edges precision ground and hardened. Insulated with two color, dual component handles 1000V VDE-tested. The shears will cut cables up to 20 mm diameter including copper and aluminum cables, single and multiple wires. They are not suitable for steel wire and hard drawn copper conductors. A low hand force is required due to a favorable lever ratio and blade geometry allowing for clean and smooth cuts without crushing and deformation. The initial cut can be made using the upper cutting edge. If a higher hand force is require, the final cut or additional cut can be done with the cutting edge profile near the joint. The shears have a guard an adjustable screw joint and are self-locking.


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