KNIPEX 95 61 190 US Wire Rope Cutters

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Product Description

Product Description Knipex 95 61 190 US Wire Rope Cutter features induction hardened blades overlap to provide a sheer cut. The smooth cutting capability is due to the unique shape of the cutting edges. The tool’s induction hardened blades not only surround the workpiece but also overlap to provide a sheer cut, preventing wire rope from flattening, fanning, and splaying. The high leverage design requires little hand force and provides a mechanical advantage to achieve an easier cut. The plastic-coated non-slip handles provide a secure grip in all applications. An internal opening spring helps reduce hand fatigue, while a handle lock keeps the handle in the closed position keeps the tool in the closed position during transport. This design also features two crimping dies for end caps and end ferrules. From the Manufacturer Wire rope cutters.


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