Knipex 7401200SBA 8-Inch High Leverage Diagonal Cutters

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Product description KNIPEX DIAGONAL CUTTING PLIERS 8 8 Power Cut High leverage with forged-on axle for heavy duty requires 21% less effort Precision cutting edges induction hardened 64 HRC suitable for all types of wire – will cut 11/64 nails,1/8 steel wire and 7/64 piano wire Chrome vandium electric steel oil-hardened and tempered Carded 20 percent reduction of hand force due to high leverage power joint (view larger).The 8-inch Knipex angled diagonal cutter (model 74 01 200) is ideal for tough, continuous use. Easy to use, it offers high-leverage axel design with a 20 percent reduction in required force compared to conventional cutters of the same length for reduced fatigue. It features optimum coordination of the cutting edge angle, transmission ratio, and ergonomic handle shape, and it easily cuts nails and all types of wire with high-performance precision.Forged from oil-hardened chrome vanadium steel, it’s built to last. The fixed forged axle rivet joint assures continuous smooth operation with no weakening or wobbling effect over time. The precision matched, induction-hardened cutting edges cut a wide range of materials — from soft copper and aluminum to hardened materials like nails, piano wire, or ACSR wire without changing tools or damaging the cutting edges. It’s completed with heavy duty plastic-coated handle grips.Suitable for all types of wire including piano wire (view larger).Quality in Every DetailSometimes we give our pliers a really hard time. We try to destroy them to find out what makes them good and long-lasting. Because we don’t want to leave anything to chance, we take a long, careful look. The steel Knipex uses is precisely hardened with a maximum of 0.8 percent carbon and defined parts of chromium and vanadium, guaranteeing optimum cutting performance and service life — even though it requires special production and costs a bit more. But our high product demands require this.The rivet of our high-leverage diagonal cutter also has to stand up to a lot of stress. That’s why we literally give it backup: we forge it straight onto the pliers. This means extra effort as we have to precision mill the rivet to a few hundredth millimeters. But satisfied users are worth this effort.Knipex also looks closely at the small details. The angles, the sharpness, the hardness, the toughness of the cutting edges. The precision and smooth movement of the joint. The handle design and the finish. We keep reviewing these subjects, we research, we test, and we improve our pliers.About KnipexHeadquartered in Wuppertal, Germany, Knipex is an independently-owned family enterprise steeped in tradition and specializing in the manufacturing of high-quality pliers. It all started back in 1882 when C. Gustav Putsch set up his own forge shop in Cronenberg (now a suburb of Wuppertal), and the company is now run by a fourth generation of that family. The world’s leading brand in pliers today, Knipex is focused on the performance, service life, and ergonomics of its tools in order to meet the high expectations of professional users. 74 01 200 High Leverage Diagonal Cutters, 8-InchAt a GlanceHigh-leverage cutting performance with minimum effortFixed forged axle rivet for heavy duty useCuts piano wire, ACSR, nails, and other hard wirePrecision cutting edge hardness of 64 HRC (approximate)Chrome vanadium heavy-duty steel, forged and oil-hardenedSee larger image.SpecificationsCutting capacity: Up to 11/64-inch nail and wire pin; 1/8-inch wire rope strand and steel wire; 3/32-inch spring steel wireLength: 8 inchesWeight: 9.3 ouncesHandles: Plastic coated See all Product description


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