K-D Tools 445 Intrn Snap Ring Pliers447

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KD445 Features: -Internal Snap Ring Pliers Set. -Remove and install internal snap rings 3/8 to 1-3/4” in diameter. -Use 447 and 448 point sets with these pliers. -Set includes 5 pairs of interchangeable points in the following sizes: 0.39” diameter, 15° angle; 0.048” diameter, 15° angle; 0.074” diameter, 15° angle; 0.039” diameter, 45° angle and 0.047” diameter, 90° angle. Pliers: -Retaining Ring Pliers. Quantity: -Single. Generic Specifications: -Replacement part: 1445-75 Clamps and Screws. Generic Dimensions: -Use 5/64” hex key when replacing points. Dimensions: Overall Product Weight: -8.45 Pounds.


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