IDL Tools International VG6000BK ViperGrip 6-Inch 2-in-1 Self-Adjusting and Locking Pliers

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Product Description

Product description 6′, Vipergrip 2 In 1 Self Adjusting & Locking Pliers, Compact, Sleek Design Allows For Increased Versatility & Functionality, 2 Tools In 1, Functions As Both A Locking & A Non Locking Pliers With The Flip Of A Switch, 3 Times Faster, Jaws Self Adjust To Lock Onto Thick Or Thin Materials, 6 Times Force, Cam Assist Mechanism Multiplies Hand Force Up To 6 Times Eliminating Slippage & Fatigue. From the Manufacturer The ViperGrip pliers are the only pliers with patented 2-in-1 functionality, which enables users to easily transition between locking or non-locking functionality, improving their ability to work more quickly and effectively. with the simple flip of a switch, the ViperGrip transitions from locking pliers for tough jobs – like removing rusted bolts or clamping materials for welding- to non locking pliers for less strenuous jobs – such as detaching already loosened nuts. with these patented innovations, the ViperGrip has both the versatility to help do-it-yourselfers working around the house, on a camping trip, or on the car, and the power to tackle the wide range of industrial applications professionals face each day. Because ViperGrip’s jaws automatically self-adjust to lock onto different sizes of materials, there is no need to manually dial the jaws open or closed to find the proper jaw size making any job – especially those hard-to-reach and ‘one handed’ jobs – easier to complete and up to 3X FASTER. Work speeds are also drastically increased. Also, the ViperGrip’s patented design multiplies your hand force 6X to virtually eliminate slippage and fatigue, giving you the power to tackle any job – big or small. Company Information: At IDL Tools International, LLC we develop, acquire, license and manufacture innovative, durable, and leadership (IDL) products – specializing in Hand Tools and Hardware accessory products – that allow both professionals and DIY’ers to perform and complete their jobs more effectively and efficiently. Our goal is to build a profitable and sustainable business by consistently exceeding the performance expectations of all of our stakeholders – end users, distributor and retail customers, employees, partners, and investors.


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