GROSS STABIL GRZ 20 SuperGrip 200 Millimeter Jaw Capacity Gripping Plier

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Product Description

Product description Many variants to cover a wide range of applications. Whether for all-round or step-over clamping, or for fixing workpieces which are lying next to one another, the original BESSEY grip pliers are ideal. The infinitely adjustable plier jaws lie parallel to each other in every position, or at the desired angle to one another. The selected clamping pressure remains constant however wide open the mouth of the pliers. Parallel jaw faces.Prism recess for small round parts.Includes pressure cap set GRZK for gentle clamping of sensitive surfaces. The Bessey GRZ20 has the following: Opening: 200mmThroat Depth: 65mm Weight: 1.20kg From the Manufacturer DeepReach Gripping Pliers Combines the Adjustability of a Sliding Jaw with the Convenience of a Grip Plier. 8′ Opening x 2-1/2′ Throat Depth


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