GearWrench 82033 Double X External Snap Ring Pliers

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Product Description

Product description Double-X External Snap Ring Pliers 82033 Set Includes the Following Tips:.038, Straight.038, 90°.047, Straight.047, 90°.070, Straight2 mm Hex KeyFeatures:Maximum Reach Without Exceeding Center Point of Interference Flush Rivet for Strength and Narrow Profile Jaws Open Greater Distance Than the Handle for Added Reach in Tight Locations Interchangeable Straight and 90 Degree Tips Corrosion Resistant Alloy SteelSpecifications:Overall Length 13.46 in UNSPSC_V7.0901 Holding and clamping tools Jaw Width 0.68 in Jaw Thickness 0.39 in Jaw Length 3.15 inGearWrench 82033 Double-X External Snap Ring Pliers From the Manufacturer Gear wrench 2-Piece double-X external snap ring pliers 13. Contains: 82033 double X snap ring plier, .038 straight tip set, .038 90 degree tip set, .047 straight tip set, .047 90 degree tip set, .070 straight tip set, 2millimeter hex key, plastic caddy for tips. Gear wrench double X pliers feature compound joint that allows access with minimal handle movement. Jaws open greater distance than the handle for added reach in tight locations. Tool’s design provides for maximum reach without exceeding center point of interference. Flush rivet for strength and narrow profile, interchangeable straight and 90 degree tips. Plier has corrosion resistant alloy steel and dual-dipped grips for comfort and sure grip.


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