Forca RTGS-299 Jewelry Needle Nose Beads Knotting Pliers

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Product Description

These Slim Bead Knotting Pliers are the perfect tool for delicate beading jobs. Used To Knot Pearls And Beads Easily when knotting bead cord. These pliers have a Precise finely tapered nose Point to use for bead knotting, weaving or holding small particles, threads, wire, etc.This Ultra Light Pliers Gives The Beaders the precision to form knots close to beads with a minimum effort.These pliers are made of German Hard Stainless steel with a box joint construction and cushion anti-slip grip handles for a maximum comfort.Manufactured by master craftsman technicians to last forever. Made in: (varies from countries) Germany, Austria, Turkey, Pakistan.These pliers are Life Time Guaranteed.Overall size: 5.25”- 130 mm.


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