Expandable Over-The-Door Hook For Hanging Clothes : ( Pack of 1 Pc )

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What A Great Idea For Saving Space! Just Hang This Handy Device Over Your Door, And You Can Hang Up Multiple Hangers With Your Suits, Jackets, Slacks, Or You Name It. It Has A Large Open Hook On The End To Hang Your Purse, Umbrella, Etc. You Can Hang Them Over All Your Bedroom Doors, So Every Family Member Can Hang Up Frequently Used Jackets And Slacks. This Device Also Works Great In The Laundry Room. You Can Hang Up Your Items As You Remove Them From The Dryer, Or You Can Hang The Delicate Items Up To Let Them Air Dry.Top expands to fit most any door- just extend it to the thickness requiredCan accommodate several hangers-use for hanging frequently worn itemsLarge auxillary hook on the end- hang a purse or umbrella, or jacketMeasures 4 inches X 6-!2 inches- increases your storage spaceHeavy duty construction- hang your delicate washables to dry


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