Euronomic 2k Cutter, Sidecutter with Regular Jaw, 4-3/4 Inches

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Product Description

Made in Germany of the finest tool steel and beautifully polished with box-joint construction and double leaf springs our 4-3/4 -120mm- line offers the user the latest in ergonomic handles designed for repetitive use. With a handle width of 3/4 -18mm- and a soft non-slip texture the user is assured of less fatigue and less chance of carpal tunnel syndrome because handle to hand contact is 300 percent greater than with conventional handles! With attractive black and red handles pliers can be used for years. Handles are comfortable but not too cushy to do the job right. So try the latest in comfort convenience and style with EURO TOOLÂ’s EUROnomic 2K line of pliers.


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