Craftsman 933153 3 Pc Electrical Pliers Set

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A Plier Set That Lets You Gets a Grip: The Craftsman 3 pc. Electricians Tool Set The foundation of any electrician’s tool set, this Craftsman 3 Piece set includes everything that is needed to complete a quality electrical job. Lineman pliers feature a precision machined cross serrated jaw that provides extreme grip for twisting and gripping wiring. Needle or Long nose pliers work for small items, getting into hard-to-reach spaces and making delicate bends in various materials, Diagonal pliers feature along with each of the pliers, feature induction hardened cutters that are sure to stay strong and sharp. The Craftsman 3 pc. Electricians Pliers Set does more then electrical work. You’ll want to have them at the ready in your tool tray. And with the Forever Guarantee, these Craftsman products won’t leave you in the lurch mid-project. They will work forever. 3 pc. Electricians Plier Set 8-1/2 in. Linesman Pliers, 6 in. Diagonal Pliers, 6 in. Long Nose Pliers Made in the U.S.A. Textured grips


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