Craftsman 9-45411 Pliers Set (4 Piece)

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Product Description

The Craftsman 9-45411 4 pc. Pliers Set puts a lot of versatility within easy reach. The diagonal, long-nose, slip-joint and arc joint pliers all come with a silver finish and coated handles so they’re less likely to slip out of your hand or bruise your knuckles, and you’re less likely to lose your grip. One minute you’re a mechanic, the next you’re doing electrical work – no matter the job you’re doing, you know you can always rely on Craftsman. Whether you need to cut wire, hold small screws in place or put some torque on a stubborn bolt, this 4 pc. pliers set gives you what every good tool kit needs: options. Professional quality tools from Craftsman are durable and long-lasting, and the pliers in this set are no exception. They’re built super-tough and will hold up to the wear and abuse you want to throw their way.


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