Craftsman 2 Jaw Large Gear Puller. Mechanics & Auto Tool.

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Craftsman 2-jaw large gear puller gets jobs done quickly with the reversible grips that give the custom hold eliminating slip that could easily damage equipment. Put the end tip in or out and swap the two arms end-to-end to easily to remove gears, pull auto axles, replace damaged shaft bearings and more.The heavy-duty 2-jaw large gear puller is smooth to use with its adjustable reach, completing jobs faster and with less damage than a hammer and pry-bar. It’s a time and energy saver for repair work, whether at home or at the shop. A 12 inch width and 8.5 inch depth give you an expansive grip area, ensuring that from pulley to sprocket, you get the power you need to get the job done. Craftsman 2-jaw large gear puller features reversible grips of two identical arms Use the one-piece tool to remove gears, pull auto axles and more Swap the two arms end-to-end and put the tip end in or out, for the custom hold you desire Made of high alloy steel, strong and rust-resistant Overall dimensions: 1′ x 12′ x 8.5′ Includes Craftsman Lifetime Warranty


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