Concave And Round Nose 3-Step Wire Looping Pliers New

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Concave And Round Nose 3-Step Wire Looping Pliers New. This is a new pair of wire looping pliers. These pliers are not as easy to find. They are especially useful for heavy memory wire. One side of the nose is a triple tier to allow you to make 3 sizes of loops instead of just one. The other side is shaped so that it bends your wire in a perfect half-circle around the ‘nose’. Simply move the pliers one or two more times around, and you will have a complete circle. Then these pliers will gently (no scratching) yet securely grip your loop in one of your hands, if you need to use your other hand to wrap the end of your wire around the base of the loop. Because these sturdy pliers do the actual pressing on the wire, you can loop tough memory wire with a couple of firm squeezes without hurting your fingertips by pressing the wire around old-fashioned round nose pliers. With just a little practice, you will quickly master the use of these pliers. Box joint construction maintains alignment of jaws, even under stress. Box joints ensure lifetime alignment. Has ergonomic grips and double leaf springs for comfort and ease of use. They measure approximately 5 3/4′ (146 mm) long.


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