Allied Moulded H9315= Plaster Rings and Covers

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Product Description

Allied Moulded box covers are molded of impact-resistant, high-strength fiberglass reinforced thermoset polyester material. Our FiberglassBox covers were created for the electrical contractor looking for non-metallic outlet boxes and covers with ‘hard box’ characteristics. That’s why Allied Moulded’s FiberglassBox line is known as ‘The Contractor’s Choice’ and offers the following advantages: Non-corrosive, Non-conductive and no ground required, Non-distorting in high heat, Will not melt, Shatter resistant in cold temperatures, Lightweight and a Heat insulator. All Allied Moulded fiberglass box covers are classified by Underwriters Laboratories for use in 2-hour rated walls or ceilings. Allied Moulded FiberglassBox series box covers are proudly made in the United States.


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