7-Inch Nickel Plated Steel Tweezers Straight : ( Pack of 2 Pcs. )(S8529~S1-08528-Z02-D01)

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Product Description

These nickel plated tweezers are 7 Inches long, with a 45 degree bent tip. They are great for reaching into tight spots, where shorter tweezers won’t reach. These tweezers are great for working in many types of crafts, and would work great in other areas as well. These Tweezers Are 7 Inches Long, And Are Made Of Stainless Steel With Nickle Plating The Tips Are Angled At 45 Degrees, To Make It Easy To Pick Up And Examine Small Items The Jaws Are Smooth On The Inside – No Teeth- Nothing To Leave Marks On Delicate Items Used In Science Projects As Well As In Many Types Of Crafts-better Control Than Using Fingers Great For Working With Modeling And Miniatures-the Length Will Give You A Better Reach


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