2x Expert White Yuri Whitening Healthy Lotion Body Cream New Free Tracking

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EXPERT WHITE YURI WHITENING HEALTHY LOTION BODY CREAM NEW FREE TRACKING Yuri White Cream Ginseng Extract, Ginseng is highly effective in conditioning the skin bright and smooth mixing turmeric. Yuri White Cream Ginseng enriched with extracts of peach. And rich Niacinemide that helps keep skin brighter and more radiant skin and help reduce free radicals. Protect your skin from harmful UV rays and repair skin from sun damage. Prevent the deterioration of skin cells Skin to white skin. Firm and inhibits skin melanin or melanin. It makes the skin look more radiant than ever. And have the ability to help maintain skin pores. With dead skin cells gently can be used on sensitive skin. And can also kill the bacteria. And reduce inflammation of the skin. Benefit • Whitening and Lightening Visible result as early within 7-14 days • Adjust skin to be smooth over the body. • Inhibits melanin production in the skin. • Aroma, smooth, not sticky. • Safe to use even for sensitive skin • No mercury, no steroids, no acid. • Ginseng is a skin moisturized cream. Condition : 100% Brand new, Factory sealed. Brand : YURI Lotion. Formulation : Whitening healthy lotion. Size : 1 Bottle. (400 ml.) 13.5 oz Gender : Unisex. Guarantee : 100% Authentic. How to use : Use as daily lotion for whitening skin or as often as needed.


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