1/2′ Robert Sorby #805H Captive Ring Tool

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Product Description

Bangles, bracelets, curtain rings, napkin rings, and wheels, as well as captive rings in goblets and puzzles, are among the many projects that can be created with this ingeniously simple tool.What makes it even more special is that the cutters are both replaceable and interchangeable, so once you have a handle you can just add cutters to increase the range. The result – you get a high quality tool at a lower cost than traditional fixed tip cutters.Each cutter fits into a specific slot to locate it properly at the correct angle for creating a perfect cut on each side of the ring. The 3/4′ flat shank on the handle of the tool keeps it firmly in contact with the lathe rest for full control. Cutters can be sharpened on a diamond hone. Made in England!Ring Tools are available in individual sizes with handle (#89193, 89195, 89157, and 89199). Individual cutting tips (#89201, 89203, 89205, and 89209) are available separately.


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